Agilent HP 54825A / 54825N Oscilloscope Recovery CD

Agilent Infiniium 548xx Oscilloscope Recovery CD
Operating System + Software Version 4.3

For models with the FIC motherboard (i.e. VIN 030-033)

Author: Patrick F. Wilbur


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Floppy Recovery is an Issue

The Agilent HP 54825A / 54825N Digital Oscilloscope is an incredibly powerful test and research tool. Although this oscilloscope is now no longer officially supported, Agilent’s technical support staff are extremely helpful in resolving problems, in case you encounter problems and have had one of these scopes for a while or have recently bought a used one from a great remanufacturer. Unfortunately, if you encounter a failing, failed, or corrupted hard drive and need to re-install its operating system and software, you might be out of luck. Agilent’s technical support team does have some LS-120 recovery floppy media that they can loan, but if it is already loaned to someone else you need to wait your turn. Furthermore, although Agilent has always had LS-120 floppy disk images available, it is highly unlikely that you will easily find an LS-120 drive or LS-120 120 megabyte floppy disks to actually place the recovery disk images on.

Alternative: CD-ROM Recovery (Downloadable Here)

The 54825A (54825N) model only has an internal LS-120 floppy drive and no internal CD-ROM drive (plus, you will likely not be able to ever boot from a USB CD-ROM drive with this model). The good news is that, by carefully opening your oscilloscope’s case, you can connect an IDE CD-ROM drive to the oscilloscope’s motherboard via a standard IDE ribbon cable. Even better news is that, although Agilent (previously, before I made this) did not have a recovery CD for this model, I have successfully combined a bootable CD-ROM .iso image with the important files on the LS-120 recovery floppy media images provided by Agilent’s technical support.


  1. Carefully open oscilloscope chassis. This will involve removing all screws in the back (including those that go through the big rubber feet/things back there, and might also include removing the screws from the handle on the side).
  2. Replace the failed/failing hard drive with a new 2.5″ IDE laptop hard drive. Don’t get something huge like a TB drive. Try something smaller than 100 GB. I was successful by using an 80GB 2.5″ IDE laptop hard drive.
  3. Take an (internal) IDE CD-ROM drive, connect the standard IDE ribbon cable to the drive, and connect the other end to the oscilloscope’s motherboard.
  4. Take a spare desktop computer (internal) power supply, set it next to the IDE CD-ROM drive and oscilloscope, and connect one of its Molex power connectors to the power input connector of the CD-ROM drive. This is necessary, because the oscilloscope’s power supply will not have any free power connectors. Make sure both the oscilloscope and this spare power supply are connected to your AC service. Make sure the spare desktop computer power supply is actually connected to the motherboard of a desktop PC (so you can press the power button on that PC to turn on and off the spare desktop computer power supply).
  5. Download the file you need here: Agilent HP 54825A / 54825N Recovery CD (.iso) | MD5 Checksum (.md5sum) . Please DO NOT hot link directly to these files. If you wish to link to or share this, please use the URL of the current page (displayed above, under the section, “IMPORTANT: LINKING TO THIS PAGE”).
  6. Burn the .iso image to a blank CD-ROM (do not simply copy the files from the .iso into a blank CD-ROM folder without burning the .iso file directly, as the bootable information will not carry over).
  7. Power on the desktop computer (to power on the spare desktop computer power supply), as well as the oscilloscope. Insert the CD-ROM that you burned into the drive. Boot off the CD-ROM. If you experience problems, with a keyboard attached to the oscilloscope, go into your CMOS/BIOS settings and make sure that you have the IDE channel for the CD-ROM drive enabled, and have CD-ROM booting enabled.
  8. Follow the remainder of instructions contained in the README.TXT file (also in the .zip file) to begin the re-installation: Click here to view README.TXT on-line

The Version 4.3 software is designed for units with the FIC motherboard (i.e. VIN 030-033) according to this table, and is not designed for older models with the AMI motherboard (software Version 3.5 is designed for those models). These directions worked on a 54825N and probably will work on a 54825A (which should be roughly the same, if not identical, oscilloscope), but your mileage may vary. I make no guarantees.


I really hope I saved you a lot of headaches (or thousands of dollars)! Please consider the fact that I put in over two entire days, staying awake consecutively for over 56 hours (yes, with no sleep) to figure all of this out and assemble this custom-made recovery CD image. If I saved you all of this work, and saved you from spending lots of money on a new oscilloscope, please click on the following button.

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License and Disclaimer

Your download of this file/software and use of these techniques and/or file/software constitute acceptance of and agreement to the following license and disclaimer statements:

LICENSE: This disc is Copyright 2010 Pat Wilbur. You are hereby licensed to use
this software without cost to rescue a broken oscilloscope system for which you
legally own all appropriate software licenses. You may copy or redistribute this
software only under the same terms as your current software licenses permit, and
the licenses for the software contained on this disc permit. Software contained
on this disc are copyright their respective owners, including Microsoft,
Agilent, Symantec, and possibly others. The author of this disc believes that
creation of this disc constitutes fair use of the floppy disk recovery data at
the above Agilent FTP site URL.

DISCLAIMER: The author of this CD (Pat Wilbur) assumes ABSOLUTELY NO
responsibility for the operation of this CD or the following recovery
software, as he did not even write it (someone online supplied the base
boot CD image, and Agilent and Symantec produced the recovery software and
image). No warranty for fitness, freedom from defect, or any other
warranty is guaranteed, neither expressly nor implied. You agree to these
terms and to hold harmless the author of this CD (Pat Wilbur) for any
direct, indirect, or consequential damages as a result of using this
CD or the software contained on it, and usage of this software beyond this
point constitutes acceptance and agreement to these terms.

If you do not wish to agree to these terms and proceed, promptly disconnect
power from the device. Otherwise, if you agree to these terms, please continue.

NOTE: You are about to erase and lose ALL data on your hard drive! This
includes saved test results, settings, the operating system, the software,
and any other files. IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO DO THIS, or DO NOT KNOW WHAT
YOU ARE DOING, then promptly disconnect power from the device.