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A position that enables me to continue in my research and, ideally, my work toward completing my Ph.D.

A position that enables me to invest my talents in your organization and projects.


I am currently working toward a Ph.D. researching the intersection of virtualization, usable security, desktop computing, and cloud computing.

I am also working as a research assistant on a project concerning integrated modelling of networks and organizations’ missions.

Key Skills

I have a very large breadth of knowledge and experience that I bring to the table, often allowing me to suggest useful related concepts and directions to consider while problem solving. I have especially excelled when given opportunities to contribute to the overall direction and vision of various projects. With me I bring wisdom, continuous teachability, and extreme adaptability to teams on which I have the opportunity to serve.

Talents according to StrengthsFinder 2.0: Connectedness, Input, Ideation, Strategic, Communication

Technical specialties include: systems architecture, systems integration, Xen, KVM, virtualization, computer and network security, product design and prototyping, microelectronics/microprocessors and embedded systems, wireless networking and radio, databases, web development


I have a wide range of work experiences, including: research, consulting/training, teaching, leadership, teamwork, writing, public speaking/presenting, professional networking, and working on many different types of projects.

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